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Moncure Baptist Church:  Working together to make disciples and share Christ's love.





We're glad you came.  We hope you find what you are looking for as we believe God has a purpose for us all.  We would like to welcome you to our circle of friends and share with you Christ's love in a genuine, heartfelt warmth.  We are eager to share with you the wonderful ways God is working in our fellowship.

It will not take you long to discover that we value those who worship with us and desire to develop a rich relationship with all those who are seeking to follow Christ.  We are growing together in faith, we laugh, cry, learn and worship together.  We open our doors to you and invite you to explore what makes our church unique.  If you have been looking, thinking, and praying about where you should belong, we offer you a place in our midst.


Come visit and....

      Enjoy the music!  At Moncure the music is worshipful, uplifting and contemporary.

     Meet friendly people and make new friends!  At Moncure you will meet people just like you.

     Dress up or dress down!  Come as you are, just come.  We want you to feel comfortable when you worship with us.

    Hear about real life!  Hear the Word of God and learn Bible perspectives on subjects that affect you.

     Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  Discover what a difference Jesus can make in your life.  Come and see what He has done in our lives.


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 Psalms 96:5 (NIV)
For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens.
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